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Samtulas Powertech Company stands as the forefront energy equipment supplier in the electronics and electrical sector industry. We are a manufacturer and supplier of a host of electrical products such as MCBs, MCCBs, Digital meters, relay cards and other associated products. We are also a supplier of varied products such as isolation transformers,terminal block markers, surge protection devices, voltage stabilizers and other related products. Our range of differed items of best quality are are made available at competitive pricing strategy and as per pre determined schedule so that our customers stay consistently satisfied. Backed by a modern infrastructure, a proficient technical workforce, we emerge as the prime choice for temporary power and energy rental solutions in the market.

Transformers are crucial electrical apparatuses that play a pivotal role in efficiently transmitting electrical energy across power grids. These devices facilitate the transformation of voltage levels, allowing electricity to be transmitted over long distances with minimal loss and ensuring compatibility between different voltage systems. Transformers function based on electromagnetic induction. As alternating current passes through the primary winding, it induces a fluctuating magnetic field within the core. Through electromagnetic induction, this magnetic field generates a voltage in the secondary winding. The transformation ratio of the transformer, which regulates voltage conversion, is determined by the ratio of turns between the primary and secondary windings.

Components of a Transformer


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