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Samtulas Powertech Company, a prominent leader in the power solutions industry, has been providing excellent service to customers in the industry. We are a manufacturer and supplier of varied electronic products comprising of MCBs,MCCBs, Relay cards, digital meters and associated products. We are one of the pioneers in supplying of isolation transformers and we procure the necessary product from well known wholesalers in the market. Our journey till now has been marked with innovation and continuous growth. We strive to be a driving force behind stable and efficient power supply, contributing towards the progress of diverse industries.

Isolation transformer
Isolation transformer

Product introduction

An isolation transformer is a type of transformer that is designed to isolate two circuits from each other, preventing electrical current from flowing between them. This is achieved by using a physical barrier such as an air gap or insulation between the primary and secondary windings of the transformer.

Isolation transformers are regularly applied in electronic equipment to provide safety and protection from electrical hazards. They are used to reduce electrical noise and interference, improve signal quality and provide electrical isolation between sensitive components.

An isolation transformer has the ability to protect against electric shocks. In equipment that uses high voltages, an isolation transformer has the capacity to prevent dangerous currents from flowing through a person who may come into contact with the equipment. This is specially important in medical equipment where patient safety is of utmost importance.

Isolation transformers are deployed in situations where there is a risk of ground loops. Ground loops occur when two or more circuits share a common ground and the flow of current between them can cause interference and noise in the circuits. Through the aid of an isolation transformer, the ground connection between the two circuits is broken, eliminating the ground loop and improving signal quality.

One of the services provided by an isolation transformer is the ability to provide electrical isolation between circuits. This is particularly useful in situations where sensitive components need to be protected from high voltages or electrical noise.

In addition to their protective and isolation capabilities, isolation transformers are applied to step up or step down voltage levels. This is accomplished by altering the count of turns in both the primary and secondary windings of the transformer. This makes isolation transformers useful in a variety of applications from powering small electronic devices to large industrial equipment.

Applications of Isolation Transformers

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