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Samtulas Powertech Company is a manufacturer and supplier of electrical and electronic products and accessories. We are also specialized in trading of varied electrical products including relays,batteries, delco remy motors and other products.

In our electrical equipment supply warehouse, our team comprises skilled technocrats who collaborate closely with customers to understand their requirements. With a sizeable experience, we are adept at guiding through the design, development and manufacturing phases to ensure the ideal product for your application.

An electrical relay is a device that plays a crucial role in controlling and switching electrical circuits. It acts as a switch that is operated by an electrical signal rather than by a person manually flipping a switch. These devices are commonly used in a wide range of applications from household appliances to complex industrial systems. The basic principle of this product involves an electromagnet and a set of contacts. When an electrical current flows through the coil of the electromagnet, it generates a magnetic field that attracts or repels a movable armature. This armature, in turn, opens or closes a set of contacts that control the flow of electrical current in another part of the circuit.

This part of an electrical accessory is functional to isolate control signals from power circuits. By using a low power control signal such as from a switch or a sensor, a relay can control the flow of much higher electrical currents. This isolation protects sensitive control devices from potentially damaging high currents and voltages. These components are commonly used in electrical control systems to perform various tasks. For example, in a motor control circuit, relays can be used to start or stop the motor, reverse its direction or protect it from overload conditions. In automation systems, these are essential for controlling the operation of machines and processes.

These tools find applications in the field of telecommunications. They are used in telephone exchanges to route calls and in data communication systems to control the flow of data. In these applications, such products provide reliable and accurate switching capabilities.


Moreover, these products are crucial in safety systems. They are used in emergency shutdown systems to quickly and automatically disconnect power in hazardous situations. For instance, in industrial facilities, relays can be used to detect abnormal conditions such as high temperatures or excessive pressure and trigger appropriate actions to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

In recent years, with advances in technology, solid state relays have gained popularity. These components use semiconductor devices such as transistors, instead of mechanical contacts. This type offers advantages like faster switching speeds, longer lifespan and improved reliability.

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