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Single Phase Meter

Single phase energy meter is used for home appliances. The single phase energy meter is directly connected between the line and load. It consists of two electromagnets one is the shunt magnet and other is the series magnet and in between these two magnets we are having the aluminium disk.

Single Phase Meter
Phase Single
Brand L&T
Model Name/Number WM101BC5MSLPR
Voltage 230V
Usage/Application Residential
Current 5 - 30 Amp
Type Digital

Three Phase Meter

Three-phase electrical power is a common method of power and distribution in which three conductors each carry AC current of the same frequency and amperage at a more economical and efficient rate than standard single-phase systems. These systems are predominantly used in applications in which more power is required.

Three Phase Meter
Phase Three
Brand Static
Model Name / Number ER300P
Voltage 380V
Current 60 Amp
Type Digital
Frequency 60 Hz

Generation Meter

Suitable both for Consumer & Distribution Transformer metering with wide range of Current Rating 40 -200 Amps. Based on thread through model for ease of Installation.

Generation Meter
Voltage Rating 3 X 200 V
Current Rating 40-200 A
Class of Accuracy 1.0 S

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