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Samtulas Powertech Company stands as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of cables, backed by an extensive experience . Over the course of time, the company has expanded its reach, establishing a reputable presence in the cable industry. Our product line serves a diverse range of industries including Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Electricity Boards, Oil & Gas, Steel Plants and more.

At Samtulas Powertech Company, a strong emphasis is placed on customer satisfaction. Our core team ensures manufacturing and supply of high quality products for each customer. Moreover, our organizational culture fosters continuous growth and improvement. We design customer friendly business policies to benefit our valued customers. We also ensure that we adhere to our scheduled delivery timelines.

Product introduction

A cable is a bundle of one or more insulated conductors, commonly enclosed within a protective outer jacket. Cables are widely used in electrical and electronic applications to transmit power, signals or data. They are essential for connecting various devices and systems, ensuring the efficient delivery of information and energy.

Cables are categorized based on their conductor type, insulation material, jacket material, size and application. Common conductor types include copper, aluminum and steel. The insulation material protects the conductors from electrical short circuits and environmental factors, while the jacket provides additional protection from moisture, abrasion and physical damage.

The applications of different types of cables span over a wide range of industries from consumer electronics to heavy duty industrial systems. Some applications can be mentioned as below:

A local cable is a type of cable used for distributing television signals to residential and commercial spaces. It consists of coaxial cable that runs from a central distribution point to individual subscriber homes.

They provide high speed internet access, phone service and video on demand services.

Polycab is a brand that manufactures cables and wires. Polycab company is known for manufacturing a wide range of electrical and power cables used in various applications including residence units, industries and infrastructure. Polycab cables are designed to meet specific standards and requirements for electrical conductivity, insulation and safety.

We are a key manufacturer and exporter of local cable, cable trays, fire alarm armoured cable, LT cable and house wire. The capacity of these wires ranges from 500V to 1000V, with a operation temperature of maximum 90 degrees C. Further, the weight, dimension data and electrical parameters of these cables vary as per different specifications. Similarly, in case of wires manufactured by polycab , we are a leading exporter and wholesaler of Polycab cables fire alarm armoured, unarmoured cables, fire protection fire alarm armoured signal cable. Even in the case of polycab wires, the weight,dimension data and electrical parameter have different specifications. Moreover, the current carrying capacities of these cables differs as per unique temperatures. We ensure that we adhere to our scheduled delivery timelines so that our customers remain satisfied.

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