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Samtulas Powertech Company is a well established manufacturer and supplier that provides a wide variety of MCBs, MCCBs, cables, cable trays, conical and plain washers as well as LED drivers. Additionally, we are a supplier of various types of Lugs that are utilized in different types of industries. We prioritize understanding the precise needs of our users, aiming to guide them in the right direction by expanding the latest available techniques in cable termination. Our mission revolves around supplying best quality cable termination solutions to the electrical industry while meeting the expectations of our customers in both quality and delivery. Looking ahead, our vision is to emerge as the leading global company providing innovative solutions for critical components in the electrical and automobile industry.


Product introduction

Lugs are essential components used in electrical and automotive applications. These metal connectors are designed to terminate electrical cables or wires securely to various electrical equipment such as batteries, switches or electrical panels. Lugs are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of cable sizes and types and they are typically made from materials like copper, aluminum or tinned copper to ensure good conductivity and corrosion resistance.

The installation of lugs involves welding the lug to the end of the cable, creating a reliable electrical connection. Properly installed lugs provide a secure and low resistance link between the cable and the equipment, enabling efficient power transmission and minimizing the risk of electrical faults. Lugs play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and safety of electrical systems, making them indispensable components in various industrial, automotive and residential applications.

Lugs are often categorized based on their application and design with options such as ring lugs, fork lugs and pin lugs available to suit specific connection requirements. Additionally, lugs may feature insulation sleeves to provide electrical insulation and mechanical protection, specially in environments where vibration, moisture or other hazards are present.

In automotive and marine applications, battery lugs are commonly used to connect the battery cables to the battery terminals, ensuring a secure and reliable electrical connection. Furthermore, lugs are widely employed in electrical distribution systems, power generation facilities and industrial machinery where they facilitate the safe transmission of electrical power.

Types of Lugs


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