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Samtulas Powertech Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of varied electronic products and electrical accessories including MCBs,MCCBs,relay cards, digital meters, cables and so on. We are also a supplier of different type of accessories including SPD,voltage stabilizers, isolation transformers, terminal block markers etc. We are committed to provide only best quality products in the market and earn a reputed name for ourselves.

Equipped with expertise, products and solutions, we actively contribute to shaping the future world with innovative technologies. For us, technology serves as the cornerstone of progress and enduring development. We have a determined work force comprising of different technocrats, excited to work for us and complete our delivery schedules as planned.

A terminal block marker is a small but crucial component used in electrical and electronics systems. It serves as an identification tool, enabling clear labeling and organization of wires, cables and terminal blocks.These are commonly found in control panels, distribution boards and various industrial equipment.

The primary purpose of a terminal block marker is to provide a clear and permanent identification of each terminal block. It helps electricians, technicians and maintenance personnel easily identify the correct connection points, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring efficient troubleshooting and maintenance.

These type of components come in various forms including pre-printed adhesive labels, clip-on markers, write-on markers and computer-printed tags. They are typically made of durable materials like plastic or metal to withstand tough industrial environments. The markers are designed to fit securely onto the terminal blocks, ensuring that they stay in place even under other external factors.

These type of tools provide enhanced safety measures. By clearly labeling the terminals, it minimizes the chances of accidental contact with energized circuits. It also aids in the identification of different circuits and phases within a system, making it easier to trace faults when needed.

These category of products offer added values in the form of time and cost savings. With proper labeling, it reduces the time required for troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. Technicians can quickly locate the appropriate terminal blocks, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

These type of products play a crucial role in compliance with safety regulations and standards. Many industries have specific requirements for proper identification of electrical systems and terminal block markers help meet those standards. They ensure that the systems are organized, and easily understandable for both professionals and inspectors.

Terminal Block Marker
Terminal Block Marker

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