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Metal Panel Board

Samtulas Powertech Company holds one of the leading position among prominent manufacturers of varied electrical control products. The utilization of our products is carried with MCBs, MCCBs,energy meters, power control panels and associated products. We deliver the highest quality fabricated materials, meeting the precise needs of our customers. Our metal panel boards are renowned for durability and corrosion resistance that way the productive life of these panels lasts longer.

Samtulas Powertech brings the creative expertise essential for manufacturing high precision parts and assemblies to meet the product requirements for different clients. Established in 2017, we have built a reputation on service quality, encompassing engineering support and high volume production. With a proficient team of engineers and skilled technicians, we manage every aspect from concept to final commissioning of a particular project.

Product introduction

Metal panel boards are a type of electrical distribution board that are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings. These panels are crafted to accommodate electrical components like circuit breakers, fuses and other devices that protect electrical circuits.

Utilizing metal in panel boards ensures the robustness and protection of the electrical components contained therein. Metal panel boards are often constructed from materials such as steel or aluminum which offer resistance to corrosion and physical damage.

These panel boards are essential for organizing and distributing electrical power within a building or facility. They are typically installed by electricians according to specific electrical codes and standards to ensure safety and compliance.

Metal panel boards come in various configurations and sizes to accommodate different electrical requirements. They are often designed to allow for easy installation, maintenance and expansion of electrical systems as needed.

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Applications of Metal Panel Boards

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