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Established in 2017, Samtulas Powertech Company has a exclusive commitment on stocking and providing a diverse range of electronic products including MCBs, MCCBs, digital meters, cable trays and related items. Throughout our existence, we have consistently upheld the quality of our offerings, aiming to eliminate any potential concerns or complaints from our customers. Our committed team, comprised of experienced and diligent professionals, contributes to the maintenance of our product standards.

Our products are widely recognized for their exceptional quality, adhering to industry standards. Rigorous inspections are a routine part of our process, ensuring the highest level of product excellence. With a client friendly pricing strategy and predetermined delivery times, we aim to prevent any future complications and provide a consistent experience to our customers.

Product introduction

A digital meter is an electronic device that measures and displays various types of data or quantities in a numerical format. Unlike traditional analog meters which use mechanical mechanisms and dials, digital meters use digital displays such as liquid crystal display (LCD) or light emitting diode (LED)screens, to present information. A Genus digital meter and digital meters by L & T are electronic devices that measure and record electricity consumption. Both these digital meters are a valuable tool for managing energy consumption and reducing costs.They are an important part of the modern electricity grid that uses digital technology to improve efficiency and reliability.

Features of Genus and L & T Digital Meter

Genus and L & T makes available a variety of models to meet the specific needs of different applications. A couple of popular models can be mentioned as follows :

Digital meters offer benefits in terms of precision, readability and frequently come with added features like remote monitoring capabilities. They have largely replaced analog meters in many applications due to these benefits.

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